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Three must-know property investment terms explained

July 4, 2017

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Are you considering investing in property in Melbourne? There's a lot to learn so to get you started we've explained common industry jargon.

5 quick ways to increase your Melbourne home's value before selling

June 15, 2017


Are you selling your Melbourne property soon? Take note of these five handy tips and you may get more for your sale than you expected.

4 tips on avoiding overcapitalising with your renovations

June 1, 2017


Are you considering renovating your property in the neare future? Check out our useful tips to make sure you don't overcapitalise.

Tips for selling your Melbourne home over winter

May 25, 2017


Is winter the best time to sell your property? It might be. Check out our few pro-tips to make sure your winter sale is a resounding success.

New underquoting laws to make things better for buyers and sellers

May 11, 2017

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New underquoting laws came into effect as of May 1. We have a closer look at what exactly these laws are and what they may mean for home buyers and sellers.

3 tips for deciding the value of your Melbourne home

April 21, 2017


Selling your home is a tall task and setting its value beforehand may be the hardest step. Here are our tips to help you find the ideal sale price.

Ready to sell? Here's what you should look for in a real estate agent

March 29, 2017


Are you selling your Mornington Peninsula property? Here's some useful advice on how to make sure you pick the right real estate agent.

4 useful tax tips for fledgling property investors

March 27, 2017

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There's serious money to be saved when filing a tax return on your investment property. Here are four tips to help you do just that.

Getting the most out of your Mt Eliza investment property's sale

March 22, 2017


Is it time to sell your Mt Eliza or Mornington Peninsula investment property? Get it right the first time by putting these handy tips into action.

Five ways an excellent Melbourne property manager could save you money

March 22, 2017

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Property investment isn't as easy as many think, but a property manager can make it easier. Here are five ways hiring one could save you money.

Street appeal is more important than you think when selling property

March 17, 2017

Does your home's street appeal really matter when selling? Let's have a look at all of the little mistakes that put buyers off so that you don't make them.

3 things you must do before buying an older home

March 13, 2017


Older homes are full of character and quirks. Check out our tips for buying to make sure your property's quirks are charming - not expensive and annoying.

Talking early beginnings with Zoe King

February 28, 2017

Agent Insights

Zoe King has been Hall & Hall's director for over three years now. We sat down with her to find out a little bit more about how she got to where she is.

Upcoming RTA law overhaul could greatly affect landlords and tenants

February 8, 2017

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New legislation reforms may soon change the relationship between landlords and tenants in Victoria. We have a closer look at what this might mean.

What you need to know about buying with a partner

January 31, 2017


Are you buying a home with a partner or a group of friends? This is what you need to know before you get started in the process.

Are you the average Australian property investor?

January 17, 2017

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Do you know what the average Mount Eliza investor looks like? Recent data has revealed it might be a lot different than you might think...

Should you choose auction or private sale?

December 23, 2016

Property News Selling

Auction or private sale: which is the better option? We take a closer look at these sales methods and which might be right for you.

3 tips for keeping your property resolutions in 2017

December 23, 2016


Making property your resolution in 2017? Here are a few tips to make life easier and help you meet your personal goals for real estate.

What could a depreciation schedule do for your investment?

December 9, 2016


Want to get more out of your investment property? Then you may need to start looking into getting the right depreciation schedule.